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FAQ About Alexia Products

Alexia FAQ: Non-GMO Project Verified Products

  • Which of your products are Non-GMO certified?

    You can find a list of our Alexia products that are certified by the Non-GMO Project, as well as products that are going through the certification process by visiting the Non-GMO Project Web site here. You can also look for the Non-GMO Project logo on our product pages and packaging.

  • What does Non-GMO Project Verified mean?

    The Non-GMO Project Verified seal comes from the Non-GMO Project, an independent verification that assures a product has been produced according to best practices for GMO avoidance. You can learn more about the Non-GMO Project here.

  • Why aren't all of your products non-GMO certified?

    The primary ingredient used in most of our Alexia products is potatoes, which are grown without the use of GMOs. Because many food crops grown in the U.S. are genetically engineered, some of our foods may contain ingredients made with GMOs. This may include: corn (excluding popping corn), soybeans, rapeseed (canola), cotton (cottonseed oil) and sugar beets. We know that many Alexia consumers tend to prefer food that is made without the use of GMOs, so we continue to actively work to verify or source ingredients that are non- GMO.

  • What does Healthier Recipes mean?

    Our healthier entrée recipes must meet the following criteria per serving:

    • 500 calories or fewer
    • 35% total calories from fat or less
    • 10% total calories from saturated fat or less
    • 90 mg cholesterol or fewer
    • 720 mg sodium or fewer

    Our healthier side recipes must meet the following criteria per serving:

    • 340 calories or fewer
    • 35% total calories from fat or less
    • 10% total calories from saturated fat or less
    • 60 mg cholesterol or fewer
    • 480 mg sodium or fewer

    • Click Here for more recipes that are Healthier

  • Can I purchase product directly from Alexia?

    No, we aren’t able to ship directly to consumers at this time. If you’re having trouble finding Alexia products in your local store, we encourage you to ask your grocer to carry your favorites, using this form.

  • What is hi-oleic canola oil?

    High oleic canola oil refers to the high-oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat) content of this oil. It is a naturally stable oil produced without hydrogenation or modification to extend the shelf life of the oil. The benefits of non-hydrogenation is it produces a healthier oil that is low in saturated fat and very low in trans-fat.

  • Are Alexia products Kosher?

    Many of Alexia’s products are Kosher. However, Alexia’s vegetables, Smart Classics potato line, Appetizers, Breads, and Potato Puffs are not Kosher. For additional questions, please check the Alexia product pages on the web-site for specific kosher information.

  • Are Alexia products gluten-free?

    While our appetizer line does contain glutens, we can assure you that none of the base ingredients or processing aids used in the manufacture of the Alexia potato items contain any gluten.

    If you have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, we recommend reviewing the package each time you purchase.

  • Are your products fried before they are frozen?

    Alexia Artisan Breads and Select Sides are not fried before they are frozen. A few appetizers items and our roasted potato products are also not parfried.

  • Who certifies your organic products?

    Oregon Tilth currently certifies all of our organic potato products. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) certifies all of our organic vegetable products.

  • Your products contain dextrose. Is it derived from animal or plant sources?

    The dextrose used in our products is corn-based.

  • Do any of your products contain ingredients derived from animal sources?

    The cheeses used in some of our Alexia products contain milk, which is animal based.

  • Do I need to thaw the rolls prior to baking?

    No. Alexia Artisan Breads are made to go from the freezer to the oven. There is no need to thaw them prior to baking.

  • Is the citric acid in your products derived from yeast or fruit?

    The citric acid used in the manufacturing of our products is obtained from a natural fermentation process that uses corn as the raw material.

  • Are any Alexia products vegan?

    Alexia All-Natural products, with the exception of those containing dairy ingredients, do not contain any ingredients derived from animal sources. The dairy ingredients are the only animal-based ingredients used. Please bear in mind that we do not represent our products as vegan or vegetarian. Our products are ALL Natural by intent, vegetarian for some by coincidence.

  • Why are there tiny holes in the packaging now?

    The tiny holes are actually little vents in the packaging that allows excess air to escape during shipping and storage of the package.