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Beef & Pork Recipes

As quite possibly the world's most versatile meats, your options with beef and pork are endless. There are classics like steaks, chops and burgers, plus the dishes that can go either way like tacos, sausages and roasts. Properly choosing and preparing beef or pork is a matter of taste and texture. Here are some tips on getting it just right for your dish.

  1. Look for cuts of beef with white fat streaked or marbled evenly throughout the meat. The fat is where the flavor is. So, round, flank, and traditionally leaner cuts that are naturally less fatty are perfect for dry rub or an overnight marinade.
  2. Before cooking any meat, allow it to come to room temperature.
  3. Don't salt your meat before cooking it. Salt will bring juices out of the meat and toughen it.
  4. If you want a crisp, flavorful crust, preheat grill, broiler, or pan to the proper temperature to ensure the meat surface is seared quickly.
  5. Poach uncooked sausages for a few minutes before frying, broiling or grilling. This draws out flavor, so you get the most out of your pork.

beef-pork recipes